Coaching for Cancer


Cancer Can Be Confusing In Many Ways

 I offer a variety of coaching and support for those that have cancer, caregivers and others that are impacted by cancer. It is important to consider ourselves as a whole being and address not only the physical but the emotional, mental and most importantly the energetic side of who we are.   

My Story


I was diagnosed with bladder cancer and before I knew what was happening I was swept up in the fear of the cancer world! The doctors didn't have the full picture yet but they had no problem giving me all of the worst outcomes possible, including "it can be terminal". It took a while for me to get my bearings back and take control of my life again. I knew there were many wonderful aspects of our medical system but to me there were also many gaps. Once I took the reins and remembered who I was, all that I had learnt and practiced over the years, I started on my cancer journey from an energetic perspective. I knew that I was energy and cancer was just another energy that was not in sync with me. It was trying to tell me something about the way I was living my life, and whatever that was had to change. I spent a lot of time researching cancer from both the conventional and energetic perspective only to find that for as many claims as there were of methods to cure or alleviate cancer there were others saying it didn't work! Frustrated, I stepped back and thought about the 'business" of cancer. There were many people and corporations that are benefiting from cancer and they did not appear to have any motive to really support the healing process. When I took this into account I realized that it was much easier to narrow down what might support ME. 

When I removed the fear from my cancer journey it was easier to see what I had to do and that was to find what worked with not only my physical body but also what I believed would help. I knew from previous research in our beliefs that it was of utmost importance to choose the methods that worked within my beliefs. I tried many methods, some stuck, some didn't, some felt powerful, some didn't. I started to think of cancer as an adventure and it was leading me to a treasure! That treasure was the new and improved me, living my best life! I felt that I was moving towards being my true-self in leaps and bounds. Cancer had offered me a chance to see life in a new light and make changes that allowed me to without fear! 

Part of my cancer journey has brought me here, right now, sharing my story and offering to support you in yours.  I have no idea how long I will live but I do know that whether it is a year or 50 more I am going to have more fun, I am going to love more, I am going to live a HUGE life where I fearlessly experience this planet in all of its beauty! 

I am not a doctor, nor do I claim to be anyone other than someone that has personal experience with cancer, being a care-giver, and having friends that have passed away from cancer. My background in life coaching, years of research, and practice in energetic living have given me the ability to be open, supportive and offer a different perspective on not only healing but living as the person you long to be. Life is a journey and cancer doesn't have to be anything more or less than an opportunity to be more YOU!

How Can Coaching Help?

 Coaching is an amazing way in which you are allowed to be you and express yourself without the fear of being judged. It allows you to be honest with yourself so that you are able to move beyond the parts of your life that are not working for you, and that includes cancer. As well, the support that is provided through coaching can help give you the strength to overcome many obstacles. There is nothing like having someone completely committed to walking with you through whatever lies ahead.  

 Coaching sessions are tailored to the currents needs of each individual.  We do not live in a "one-size-fits-all" world and that goes for coaching as well. Through an in depth session you will work with Lynn to determine the best place to start and the direction your coaching will take. It is important that everyone gets to be themselves no matter what that looks like.   

What Will You Learn


As mentioned earlier, coaching with Lynn is all about understanding the energy of who we are and the world we live in. And you will learn how to change the energies that don't work for you, like cancer. 

This can include, but is not exclusive to:

- Conventional Medicine

- Alternative Medicine

- Energy Healing

- Diet and Supplements

- Hope vs. Fear

- Emotional States

- Mental States

- Exercise

- Relationships

- Stress

- Support

For Further Information

 If you have any questions, or would like more information please contact Lynn at 780-915-5816 or email