About Lynn


Energy Coach

In my mid 30's, I found myself completely lost. I had zero sense of what made me happy, no dreams or aspirations, was drinking like a fish and had a super stressful job. I wanted to live better - to be better - to find happiness and fulfillment. In my early 40's, I studied Reiki in order to balance work stress with some peace. My desire to understand how Reiki works led me to quantum physics, which snowballed into a plethora of exploration into the realm of energetics and energy work itself. Understanding energy helped me to understand why other self-help methods (such as...) actually work! At this point on my journey, all the tools I've acquired help me to experience life as fun no matter what the circumstances. I want to help others create the same.

As an energy coach, I help others to see and understand themselves, their lives and the world as it really is, tethering from the fact that EVERYTHING is energy. This supports great personal empowerment, exponentially increasing one's aptitude for creationism and a sense of control over one's own life. 

I make having a coach FUN! My strong intuitive capacity, sense of humour, non-judgmental attitude, and genuinely caring demeanour offer a safe, comfortable and limitless space within which you are invited to explore, grow and take adventurous steps towards your most exhilarating expression of yourself and your life!



Speaking is my true passion - I LOVE IT! Whether it's a 5-minute impromptu speech or a full-day gig, what I love most about speaking is what a great opportunity it is to tell the "energetic story" to lots of people all at once! It's been my honor to have created and facilitated workshops that help people to understand AND apply energetics in day-to-day living.

I would absolutely love to speak at your events, conferences, private gatherings, workshops or retreats. I am happy to create custom workshops to suit you, your group or team. Please contact me for more information and to make arrangements.


Energy Worker

I am also privileged to be an energy worker, providing safe space within which you can allow yourself to heal with my support and guidance. Before providing treatments, it's my practice to "tune up" my own energy and that of the treatment space so that higher frequencies are available to support healing sessions.

As a professional Reflexologist for the past 8 years, I am trained to provide foot, hand, ear, face and head reflexology.

I am a deeply intuitive Reiki practitioner and blend the use of other healing methods during treatments as I feel called to do so. This can include the use of crystals, reconnective healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, reflexology and other elements like wood, water and metal.

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